Blogging Aspirations vs. Reality

The avid and attentive reader of this blog might have noticed another (silent) relaunch of my blog – the giveaway was the change of design.

This is the result of aspirations meeting reality. As I mentioned before, I wanted to use a small and lightweight engine for this blog and say goodbye to the behemoth called WordPress. Back in September I picked Kirby, since it ticked all the boxes. I bought a license and a decent theme, and loved the fact that I could now write my posts in markup and simply upload the files to the server.

But unfortunately the honeymoon was over soon. When I wanted to add RSS feeds, stats and a couple of other non-too-crazy things, I realized I picked the wrong engine. Or rather the engine was not right for me. I want to write and not spend time custom-fitting my blog. Kirby is well documented and has a decent community, but you will have to get your hands dirty to customize it. And that was not what I was looking for.
So, yes, I went back to WordPress. I uploaded its code, installed the database, picked a theme (which took forever), selected my plugins and re-uploaded my posts. And yes, now the blog simply does its job. And thus reminds me of my job: to write.

So there is one less excuse.
More to come soon.