Let’s reboot

The other day I thought I should try to take another stab at blogging. My last blog post is from 2014 and was an uninspired embed of a presentation I gave. But that is easier thought than done. Especially if you want to do things “right” – whatever that means.

For me it meant researching blogging engines and blog providers. Yes, you are right. That’s me procrastinating and trying not to decide what to write about. Of course, there are lists of topics in my notebook, on my Mac and in my head – but let not rush things, ok? Plus, I need to consider the scope of my new endeavor. Shall I write about UX, IoT, tech, photography or (god forbid) personal stuff? Or do I simply point to things I find interesting and omit this writing-thing completely? And what about the old sites and their content? How often shall I blog? And how should the new site look? Decisions, decisions, decisions…

In the end I decided most of these things don’t matter.
At least for now.

I deactivated my old WordPress installations, picked a simple CMS and a clean theme. I have a rough idea of what I want to write about and that’s good start. I’ll see what works and what not and I’ll tweak content and layout as I go along.

To frame (my own) expectations this is what I’ll blog about: UX, digital and physical protyping and random things I care about, like music, photography and maybe even offer my opinion on things.
There, I said it…

Welcome back.